For first-time users of Magnum Opus ...

The file you will download is called

In many ways, this looks and feels like a standard file folder......but it isn't.

Before you can start using Magnum Opus, you must unzip

The method of doing this varies from one computer to another, but for the typical case of Windows 7, proceed as follows:-

  • Right click on the zip file's icon. This will give you a pop-up menu.
  • One of the items on this menu is Extract all. Click on this option.
  • You will be asked where you would like to put the extracted files. Complete this selection and click Extract.
  • A folder called MagnumOpus will appear in the location you nominated.
  • Open this folder and double click on MagnumOpus.jar to start the program.
  • For greater convenience, create a shortcut to MagnumOpus.jar, and drag the shortcut onto the desk top.
  • Begin exploring the world of Magnum Opus.
 Download the Full Program 

If (and only if) you are upgrading to a new version ...

The file you will download is called

When you unzip this file you will have the single file MagnumOpus.jar

Copy it into your existing Magnum Opus directory to replace the existing MagnumOpus.jar

The next time you start Magnum Opus, you will be using the new version.

 Download the Upgrade 

The Upgrade package will NOT operate in isolation!

Common setting-up problems...

  • A commonly reported problem is that there is no MagnumOpus.jar file when the downloaded file is un-zipped. Normally it is only Windows users who report this problem, and it is caused by an inappropriate setting in the Folder Options item of the Control Panel. To correct this, select the View tab in Folder Options and make sure that the Hide extensions for known file types check-box is not checked. This will allow the full name of MagnumOpus.jar to be displayed. You will then find that the file is present and correct.

  • The executable file of Magnum Opus is MagnumOpus.jar Such files (having a .jar extension) will run on any computer which has a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. If it fails to run on your computer, it simply means that your computer has not yet been equipped with a JRE. You can easily get a copy by visiting the  JAVA WEBSITE.  It's free, and only takes a couple of minutes to download and install.

  • Even after installing the latest JRE software, it is possible that the program may not run on some Windows computers. This is caused by the association between .jar files and the program which runs them having been hijacked by some other misbehaving program. There are several free software tools available which will heal this problem, and one which has been found effective can be downloaded from 

What to do next...

  • If you decide you don't wish to continue using the program, it is very easy to remove from your computer. Simply drag the MagnumOpus folder to your Recycle bin, and it is gone forever. If you made a shortcut, then naturally you should drop that in the bin as well.

  • If you think the program is OK, but you have some reservations, you may send bug reports and suggestions to  my email address.  Please don't be alarmed or offended if you don't receive a reply to such communications. I will be spending my time correcting the program, and generally improving its performance.

  • If you really like the program, you could help by doing one or more of the following:-
    • Tell all of your friends about it.
    • If you have a web site of your own, a link to would be very helpful.
    • If you are a teacher of students who enjoy the puzzles, please make sure they know that they also can install a copy on their own computer at school or at home.
    • If you have a Facebook page, make mention of it there also.