The following graphics show a Crossword puzzle in the Magnum Opus Build screen and a PNG graphic file produced by the program's print function, showing the complete puzzle. See also a  full size version of a PDF file showing the puzzle. 

The key features of the Magnum Opus Standard Crossword Construction function are as follows:-
  • Fully automated construction of puzzles using the contents of a pre-selected dictionary containing both words and clues.

  • Fully manual construction is available for those who prefer to individually select each word used in the puzzle. The words can be typed into the puzzle, or selected from a list of suggestions offered by the program.

  • Optionally, a number of letters or words can be entered manually before requesting the program to complete the puzzle building task.

  • Up to four Theme Dictionaries may be selected before building begins. The program takes as many words as it can from the theme dictionaries. Only when no such words are available does it use a word from the Standard Dictionary.

  • A multi-build function allows the construction of many puzzles (thousands if necessary) in a single operation.

  • Puzzles can be printed in an unprecedented range of user controlled colors and formats. Output can be sent direct to the printer or, if you install the appropriate software, it can be sent to a PDF file. The recommended software for this purpose is  Primo PDF which you can download free from their website,  although you might consider sending them a small donation if you find their program useful. Mac users will be able to create a PDF file directly from the screen provided by the printer driver.

  • A fully interactive Solve function is available to allow you to solve the crosswords "on screen" without needing to print them.

  • Export selected puzzles to a Web Application which can be uploaded to a web server to provide interactive puzzle content on your web site.

  • A Review feature allows you to quickly scan through all of the clues in a puuzzle. An Add Clue function allows you to add any clues which may be missing, or to edit any which you might like to change.

  • Individual cells within a puzzle may be colorized. This can be used to highlight a message which becomes visible to the solver as the solution process progresses.