Magnum Opus Crosswords++
Word, Number and Logic Puzzles
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Magnum Opus is the successor to the programs The Daily Crossword (a PC-DOS program current from 1992 to 1994) and Crossword Express (a program with versions for Windows and Apple Macintosh, current from 1994 to 2009).

It creates not only Crossword puzzles (Standard and Freeform), but also all of the following:- Acrostic, Akari, Domino, Doublet, Fillomino, Futoshiki, Gokigen, Kakuro, Kendoku, Ladderword, Letterdrop, Minesweeper, Pyramidword, Roundabouts, Sikaku, Slitherlink, Sudoku, Tatami, Tents, and Wordsearch.

It is written in the popular Java language which means that it will run equally well on Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Also, since it uses the Unicode character set, puzzles can be made in virtually any language.

And another thing that will be of interest to you ... Magnum Opus is FREE!

Magnum Opus Version : 20140128
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Interactive puzzles Online ... New puzzles every day.
Perhaps you would like to see some aspects of Magnum Opus in operation before you download the program. The following links provide you with an opportunity to interactively solve a selection of Magnum Opus puzzles using Web Applications written in the new HTML5 standard. In the case of Crossword, Crossquiz, and Wordsearch, a new puzzle will appear every day at midnight, but all of the puzzles for the preceeding week will be available for you to select if you wish. In all of the remaining cases, new puzzles can be generated on demand. You can select your preferred difficulty level, and it is suggested that you start at level 1 and gradually move up the scale as your solving skill increases. All of these puzzles provide an option to print your choice of the current puzzle or the current solution which you can then publish in printed media if you wish.

Please note:-
  • These puzzles will operate on iPad and most other mobile devices.
  • All of these Web Applications can be exported by Magnum Opus, giving you the opportunity of publishing any or all of these interactive puzzles on your own web site.
  • All puzzles are equipped with a Help button. If any of the puzzles are unfamiliar to you, the Help should explain everything.
  • Enjoy!
Solving this puzzle each day is the guaranteed way of expanding your vocabulary.
Much more than a crossword! All of the clues are challenging quiz questions. A convenient Google search facility is provided to help you with those difficult clues.

Generate and solve your own Akari puzzles in your choice of four difficulty levels.

Generate and solve your own Gokigen puzzles in your choice of six difficulty levels.

Generate and solve your own Minesweeper puzzles in your choice of four difficulty levels.

Generate and solve your own Sudoku puzzles in your choice of eleven difficulty levels.

The words in each of these puzzles follow a particular theme. When you have completed the solution, there will be a few letters left over which spell out the theme of the puzzle.

Windows Xp users Please Note!
These Web Applications use the HTML5 Canvas facility which cannot be processed by a Windows Xp computer using Internet Explorer. If you would like to make use of these puzzles, you have at least four options available to you:-
A total of 23 Web Applications are planned, and will be released as they become available. When they are released, they will be able to be exported from the Magnum Opus Application program which is expected to be updated every two to three months. The following table shows thumbnail graphics for the 22 puzzle types currently supported by Magnum Opus, and the two links associated with each of these thumbnails will lead you to a Tutorial video showing the steps involved in creating a simple puzzle, and to an illustrated Description of the characteristics of that puzzle type.